High-quality diagnostics labs are important for better treatment and patient care. Gdax Diagnostic Lab USA’s driving human services have so far been conveying. its have 3.5 million top-notch demonstrative tests per annum. That’s through its Hospitals and Clinics gaining a ‘superb’ rating from 95% of its patients.

Gdax Diagnostic Lab is that the results of the ‘good health for all’ mission that’s spurring.  The Gdaxed Diagnostic Lab to the touch a billion lives. Following the company credo of bringing quality, affordable healthcare closer to the buyer.  High-Quality Diagnostic Lab centers. In 2020 it’s been grown to 150+ centers landed collection centers.  Labs arising in neighborhoods across USA. There is delivering expertise that’s empowering to doctors and patients alike.

Gdaxed Diagnostic Lab master experts and best in class indicative. That gear are continually guided by Apollo’s 36-years inheritance of greatness.  To ensure the exactness and practicality of test outcomes.

Gdaxed High Quality Diagnostics Lab

High-Quality Diagnostic Lab has already earned.  For-itself the reputation of being the foremost preferred. The one-stop destination for all common to complex pathology tests. Activities like progressing expertise improvement and upgrade programs for the groups. It’s standard reviewing of procedures and actualizing tolerant criticism. And that empowers a consistent encounter for all partners of Gdaxed Diagnostic Lab.

Gdaxed Diagnostic Lab may be a fast-growing network. Of the Gdax diagnostic laboratories in the USA. The mission is to supply affordable diagnostic solutions. For the good range of tests available for everybody. Our labs and collection centers use state-of-the-art equipment. That helps provides accurate test results within the clinically relevant time. Our labs offer tests starting from the only screening. To advanced tests under molecular pathology, cytogenetic, histopathology & hematology. We also provide an on-demand Sample Home collection facility. Contact us now by toll-free number or via email.


Biochemistry and Immunoassay sections are equipped with fully automated. It’s state of the art integrated analyzers.  Where multiple tests are often performed from one specimen without liquating. This reduces the incidence of preanalytical errors. And therefore the advanced and superior technology. Getting used helps provide accurate leads to the shortest possible time. best High-Quality Diagnostics Lab

Notwithstanding normal biochemical tests, hormone examines malignant growth markers, irresistible markers.  The maternal screening tests, extraordinary proteins. And protein electrophoresis tests additionally are being acted in these areas. All biochemical tests come under chemical pathology. For all the various genres of tests within these sections. There are high-end dedicated analyzers available. All then manned by highly trained and qualified professionals.


Hematology, coagulation, and Flow cytometer sections are equipped. With the fully automated, high-end analyzers to hold out all tests.

Routine hematology tests like CBC, ESR.  And blood grouping is being performed using a high-level. Therefore, automated analyzers, thus ensuring better quality results and faster turnaround.

High-end coagulation tests for many of the coagulation factors are being administered. On a totally automated analyzer. Also, ensuring precise and accurate reports for these critical parameters.

The study of blood and blood disorders called hematology which helps. In the diagnosis of anemia, infection, hemophilia, leukemia, and blood clotting disorders.


The microbiology area at High-Quality Diagnostic Lab contains completely robotized examinations. For the routine Microbiology, including both oxygen consuming and anaerobic bacterial societies. That’s contagious culture additionally as a very good quality (Mycobacteria) Lab.

The High-Quality Diagnostic Lab is provided with a totally automated Gdaxed Diagnostic. It’s culture equipment alongside Equipment using biology techniques. Now check Gdaxed diagnostic lab privacy policy To make sure rapid diagnostic results, including results for drug-resistant Mycobacteria.


The molecular Biology section is provided with the latest technology-enabled high-end equipment. To hold out a good range of biology tests to detect different bacteria and viruses. Every one of the equipment uses the freshest innovation.   And have exceptionally high affectability which empowers. Them to recognize microorganisms when present in low focuses as well. All tests are performed under the supervision of highly trained and qualified professionals.

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